Enjoy this week's "Rebel News," with all of the information you need to stay up-to-date with Willow River Schools, courtesy of your hosts Summer and Alexis!
Click HERE for information regarding the East Central Lock-In event taking place this FRIDAY, APRIL 21st for students in grades 7-12! This is a fun event and a great opportunity to try new things, meet new people, win prizes, and support a great cause!

Thank you to the Pine County Farm Bureau and Tri-County Cattlemen, who visited the elementary school and donated 20+ agricultural-related books to the school library as part of the Minnesota Agriculture in the Classroom Project.

Representatives came to donate the books, and also read to 1st and 2nd graders, discuss the importance of farming, speak about their experiences, and gave out cheese sticks, informational pamphlets, and posters. Thank you for contributing to our school and students!

Thank you to all of those, from within and outside of our community, who have taken the time to visit our Careers 9 class and speak about their careers and education. It is a great experience for our students to get to hear from people in a variety of fields about the job responsibilities, expectations, and educational requirements.

Cole & Katie - Mortuary Sciences
Pictured with 9th grader Braxton W.

Alicia - Home Health & Drug/Addiction Counseling Nurse
Pictured with 9th grader Ariel C.